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The Team

Meet the team of like minded coaches and creators here to help your movement journey! We share the goal of always supporting students, peers, and up and coming artists


Axel Osborne

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Axel is one of those people who is pretty great at everything he tries. When you have to give up a promising future in diving and men's gymnastics to pursue competing at World Championships in Sports Acrobatics, you know this is a person who understands movement. After making it to finals at World Championships as a men's pair flyer in 2010, Axel returned four years later as a mixed pair base where he and his partner claimed the silver medal. Upon retiring from competitive sport, he went on to pursue a career in the arts with no less success.  From TV, to cruise ships, to some of the most prestigious stages in the world, Axel's mastery of movement is apparent to all. He is currently on tour with the world renown contemporary circus company, Gravity and Other Myths


Nicole Comito

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Nicole, or better known as the mastermind behind successful woodworking business, Personal Pours, is a Brooklyn based designer, acrobat, and all around badass. After falling in love with circus and submerging herself in the movement community, she began to pair her love for woodworking and hand balancing together. The culmination of these passions, mixed with the fiery personality of this Brooklyn babe, has resulted in some of the most beautiful and sought after props/art pieces anyone will ever do a handstand on. She combines the natural beauty of wood with the almost ethereal swirls, sparkles, and nebulae of poured resin. The result is a mesmerizing piece of artwork that is as useful as it is stunning. 

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