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Virtual Handstand Coaching

Virtual coaching means you get a training plan tailored to your needs while receiving quality feedback about training and technique, all on your own time.

I offer three levels of training:

Establishing Foundations for those starting off with me at any level. 

Guided Practice for long term students who are in a well established rhythm

Handstand Maintenance for students either working very advanced skill that have a long development arc or those in a busy stage of life looking to maintain skills.


Virtual Partner Acro Coaching

I offer two options if you are looking to improve your partner acrobatic skills.


Virtual Acrobatics Coaching is a monthly subscription for students wanting individualized training structure and coaching. Pairs or groups work with both Axel and Megan on developing connection and strong foundations to improve any skill level.


Acro Video Review is for students who want intermittent feedback on specific skills. This is a one time enrollment, and not an ongoing monthly subscription. Students can choose to work with either Axel or Megan.

Sign up here for your monthly training plan

  • Handstand Coaching

    Every month
    Establishing Foundations-Weekly Custom Virtual Coaching
    • Regular guidance for students to establish strong habits
    • Custom weekly training schedule
    • Weekly 30 minute OR biweekly 60 minute virtual check in's
    • Weekly feedback for up to 10 submitted videos
    • Access to all pre-recorded classes
  • Handstand Coaching

    Every month
    Guided Practice-Monthly Custom Virtual Coaching
    • Designed for established students working on advanced skills
    • Monthly custom training programming
    • Monthly 60 minute virtual check in/physical session
    • Access to all pre-recorded classes
  • Handstand Coaching

    Handstand Maintenance-Advanced Custom Virtual Coaching
    Valid for 6 months
    • Designed for advanced students needing less frequent lessons
    • 4 one hour virtual sessions scheduled over six months
    • Custom training programming
    • Access to all pre-recorded classes
  • Acrobatics Coaching

    Every month
    Virtual Partner Acro Coaching
    • Submit up to 15 minutes of video 2x per month for review
    • Receive twice monthly written feedback
    • Twice monthly virtual check-in/private lesson
    • Customized drill sheet and training plan
  • Acro Training Review

    Training video review ONLY
    Valid for one month
    • Billed hourly
    • Submit up to 15 min of edited training footage
    • Receive skill by skill written feedback

Personalized Virtual Coaching

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